Diseases that affect hives, cause significant economic losses in the beekeeping sector. Therefore, the periodic control of hives is crucial to avoid the spread of diseases. A good diagnosis of the causative pathogen is key when establishing controls and applying an effective treatment.


En Iberogen trabajamos en el diagnóstico de enfermedades que afectan a abejas (Apis sp.) y abejorros (Bumbussp.), ofreciendo un completo servicio de detección genética y microscópica de patógenos en individuos, colmenas y polen, permitiendo a nuestros clientes seleccionar el pack de análisis específico para sus necesidades.

  • Acarapiswoodi detection
  • Mellitobiasp.
  • Locustacarusbruchneri
  • Vitulaedmandsii
  • Aethiniatumida
  • Ephestiasp.
  • Tropilaelapsclareae
  • Detection of molds and yeasts
  • Detection of aerobic mesophiles
  • Crithidiabombi
  • Apicystisbombi
  • Nosemasp.
  • Acarapiswoodi
  • Ascosphaeraapis
  • virus DW
  • virus ABP
  • virus KB
  • Detección de virus IAP
  • Paenibacilluslarvae
  • Melissococcuspluton

On the other hand, we have a service to determine species and subspecies of different genera of pollinators, such as Bombus. This service is of special interest to those producers of bumblebees for commercial pollination, interested in knowing exactly which species and / or subspecies they are placing on the market.

Detection of pathogens in Bumblebees and Bees by PCR (genetics), microscopy and microbiological cultures. Complete check of queens, hives and pollen. American foulbrood (AFB), European foulbrood (EFB), Nosema, Crithidia, Apicistis, DW-Virus, ABP-Virus …

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