Within our more consolidated lines of work is Iberogen Genetics of Birds, in which we have developed one of the most complete and specialized service charts in the market, generating value and succeeding in differentiating ourselves from the competition. In our services, we highlight bird DNA sexing or molecular bird sex determination, detection of molecular diseases, filiation and paternity test in several species of birds of prey, psittacidae and pigeons or genotype test LDHA and DRD4 in racing pigeons.

More than 30,000 genetic analysis in birds during 2018

Within our services of bird genetics you will find all the solutions that you need for bird sex determination by DNA. Express, Premium and Standard. Detection of PBFD diseases, Psittacosis. Paternity and Affiliation for CITES and SOIVRE. Genetic analysis for racing pigeons.

Our high degree of specialization makes us capable of undertaking developments tailored to the needs of our clients. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


During 2018, in Iberogen we carried out more than 30,000 analyses in the field of bird genetics with samples from 15 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. In addition, since our inception we have actively participated in bird conservation projects such as the real world and the black kite and other waves such as the crow of the Canary Islands, the teal or red partridge.

Also, from our origin we have collaborated with the Official Inspection, Surveillance and Regulation Service (SOIVRE), carrying out analysis of paternity and filiation for CITES and authentication of species and subspecies. In addition, during this last stage, we have initiated collaboration agreements with other large poultry laboratories such as Sao Camilo in Brazil, increasing our knowledge and improving the know-how of the specific needs of birds and breeders.


International Delivery Service

Worldwide Service. All our services are International. We operate in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Contact us and we will advise you at all times about the best options to send your samples in the fastest and cheapest way.