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Genotyping is the establishment of a genetic footprint or profile of an animal through the detection and analysis of polymorphisms in DNA. These polymorphisms are small differences in the DNA sequence that allow to identify an animal in a unique and unalterable way.

On the other hand, parentage tests or filiation are tests based on the comparison of genetic profiles by genotyping, kinship relationships.

This kind of analysis allows us to determine if analyzed animals belong to the lineage that is supposed, being very useful to avoid possible frauds and capture of animals from natural environment, which are passed as children of captive breeding individuals. The environmental services of some Autonomous Communities and the territorial directorates of the SOIVRE require proof of paternity to the individuals born in captivity in order to issue the corresponding CITES documentation (species included in Annex A of the regulation (CE) 338/97).

IMPORTANT:The taking of samples (feather, blood, eggshell or cloacal swab) is a fundamental step prior to carrying out genetic analyzes. If you want to know more about how to take your samples, click here. * We guarantee the terms as long as the samples are in good condition, if not, we will contact you to repeat the shipment without additional analysis cost.


Finally, Iberogen also has a FREE parental bank, in which our clients can keep the genetic information of the parents. The stored information can be used in any analysis of their descendants in each new laying, avoiding bothering the parents during breeding and lowering the cost of the analyzes. In addition, if the client wishes, we can store the genetic material of parents in specially conditioned chambers for the preservation of DNA, facilitating any subsequent analysis of those samples (check price and availability).

* We also have paternity and / or genotyping service for turtles (Testudinidae).

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Tiempo de Entrega

15 working days from the receipt of samples.

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Blood (2 or more drops), Feather (4-6 plucked feathers)


For shipments of 4 samples or more and analysis for SOIVRE.

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