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Psittacosis or chlamydiosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila psittaci. The term psittacosis is used if the infection occurs in psittacidae and avian chlamydiosis for other bird species. Chlamydia infection has been described worldwide, affecting 465 species of birds. The outbreaks of Chlamydophila psittaci in psittacids and poultry farms, they cause considerable economic losses, their early detection being an important tool to avoid such losses. On the other hand, psittacosis is a danger for people, since the bacteria can be transmitted to humans by pet birds as by farm birds.

Our analysis for the detection of Psittacosis-Premium will allow you to analyze samples of all species, obtaining your certificate of analysis within a maximum period of 48-72 working hours from the reception of the sample. To the full warranty of our laboratory we add the Qiaxcel capillary electrophoresis technology that allows us to reduce waiting times and increase the accuracy of our analyzes.

The prices are valid for shipments containing all the samples. Available for all species.

Additional information

Delivery time

48-72 hours from the reception of samples.

Sample Type

Cloacal swab.


For shipments of 5 samples or more € 9.50 / sample.

Worldwide Service

Contact us and we will advise you at all times about the best options to send your samples in the fastest and cheapest way.

IMPORTANTE: La toma de muestras (pluma, sangre, cáscara de huevo o hisopo cloacal) es un paso fundamental previo a la realización de los análisis genéticos. Descarga la plantilla para enviar tus muestras. O si quieres saber más sobre cómo tomar tus muestras pulsa en este enlace. *Garantizamos los plazos siempre y cuando las muestras se encuentren en buen estado, si no es así, nos pondremos en contacto contigo para que repitas el envío sin coste adicional del análisis.

Rellena los siguientes datos para que podamos ofrecerte tus resultados asociados a la ID de cada animal.

(no se pueden incluir “,” en la Identificación de la muestra)

Identificacion Muestra / Sample Identification

Tipo de muestra / Sample Type

Especie / Species

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