Bird DNA Sexing Express, Premium and Standard. Detection of PBFD diseases, Psittacosis. Paternity and Affiliation for CITES and SOIVRE. Molecular test for racing pigeons.


Detection of pathogens in Bumblebees and Bees by PCR (genetics), microscopy and microbiological cultures. Complete check of queens, hives and pollen. American foulbrood (AFB), European foulbrood (EFB), Nosema, Crithidia, Apicistis, DW-Virus, ABP-Virus …


We put at your service the most modern techniques in molecular genetics. We offer our customers highly specialised scientific-technical counselling in applied genetics and R&D projects in the conservation and management of both threatened species and biodiversity.

Innovative Solutions to the veterinary, food and livestock industry

Iberogen, is a biotechnology company that offers innovative solutions to the veterinary, agro-alimentary and livestock industry, putting at the service of our clients the most modern techniques in molecular genetics. In Addition, our company offers a scientific-technical consultancy service of high specialization in the field of genetics applied to research and development projects in biodiversity conservation and management.

We serve the needs of our clients in a personalized way, offering them the most innovative solutions to their problems and give them orientation in the decision making process. We bring to our clients the added value in their products and/or services that they need as differentiating element in the current global market.

International Delivery Service

Worldwide Service. All our services are International. We operate in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Contact us and we will advise you at all times about the best options to send your samples in the fastest and cheapest way.