Analysis service for biofertilizers and biological products.

At Iberogen we know the importance of biofertilizers in agricult.

Biofertilizers are natural organic fertilizers that act favoring the growth of plants and providing them with the necessary nutrients for their development. These biofertilizers, in turn, create an optimal microbiological environment, which improves soil quality, increasing agricultural production without compromising the environment.

Biofertilizers are composed of beneficial microorganisms for the soil, especially bacteria and fungi. These microorganisms form a symbiosis with the plant, providing it with a better absorption of essential elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. This visible improvement in the root system of the plant also increases tolerance to salinity and efficiency in absorption. ion of water by the roots of the plant.

We offer soil biodiversity analysis for feasibility studies of phytosanitary products or biofertilizers, through the absolute or relative quantification of the most representative taxonomic groups of soil biodiversity and of various genes related to the activity and function of microorganisms in order to to check the efficacy of different treatments and/or biofertilizers.

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