Paternity and Genotyping

Paternity or filiation tests are tests based on the comparison of genetic profiles obtained by genotyping, which allow establishing or discard family relationships.

Genotyping is the establishment of a fingerprint or genetic profile of an animal through the detection and analysis of polymorphisms in the DNA. These polymorphisms are small differences in the DNA sequence that allow an animal to be identified in a unique and unalterable way.

This type of analysis allows us to determine if the animals analyzed belong to the supposed lineage, being very useful to avoid possible fraud and the capture of animals from the natural environment, which pose as offsprings of captive-bred individuals.

The environmental services of some autonomous communities and the SOIVRE territorial directorates require paternity tests for specimens born in captivity in order to issue the corresponding CITES documentation (species included in Annex A of regulation (EC) 338/97).




  • Bovids: goats, sheep, bulls, buffalo, bison. Bovinae and Caprinae families.
  • Marmoset Monkeys: Genus Leontopithecus spp.
  • Giant bats or flying foxes: Genus Pteropus spp.



  • Galapagos: Genus Emys spp. and Mauremys spp.
  • Gopher tortoises: Genus Testudo sp. and Astrochelys sp. for other genus of the Testudinidae family consult the laboratory.



  • Eagles: genus Aquila sp. and Haliaeetus leucocephalus.
  • Harriers: genus Circus spp.
  • Amazons: genus Amazona spp.
  • Azores and Sparrowhawks: genus Accipiter spp.
  • Owls, Little Owls, Scops Owls, Tawny Owls, etc: family Strigidae.
  • Old World vultures: genus Gyps spp.
  • Ravens: Family Corvidae.
  • Cranes: genus Grus spp.
  • Macaws or Aras and parrots of the Arini tribe. It includes the genera: Ara spp. Aratinga spp., Cyanopsitta spp., Guarouba spp., Phyrrhura spp., etc.
  • Falcons: genus Falco spp.
  • Owls: genus Tyto spp.
  • African gray or Yaco parrot: Psittacus erithacus species.
  • Kites: genus Milvus spp.
  • Pigeons: genus Columba spp.


Parent Bank

Iberogen has a FREE parental bank, in which our clients can keep the genetic information of the parents. The stored information can be used in any analysis of their descendants in each new clutch, avoiding disturbing the parents during breeding and lowering the cost of the analysis.

In addition, if the client wishes, we can store the genetic material of the parents in chambers specially equipped for the conservation of DNA, facilitating any subsequent analysis of these samples (ask for price and availability


*If the analysis you need is not available, contact us.

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