Analysis in Pollinators and Beehives

Diseases that affect bee hives (Apis mellifera) cause significant economic losses in the beekeeping sector. On the other hand, most of the pollination of greenhouse crops such as tomatoes is carried out by commercial hives of bumblebees of the species Bombus terrestris, which are raised on farms for this specific task. These bumblebee farms can be affected by these same diseases and parasites or their specific variants.

Periodic control of hives, both bees and bumblebees, is crucial to prevent the spread of these pathogens and parasites, a good diagnosis of the causative pathogen being crucial when establishing controls and applying an effective treatment.

At Iberogen we work on the diagnosis of diseases that affect bees (Apis sp.) and bumblebees (Bombus sp.), offering a complete genetic and microscopic detection service for pathogens in workers, queens, hives and pollen, allowing our clients to select among our catalog, the specific analyses to your needs.

Catalog of diseases and parasites:

  • Visual Detection (Macroscopic/Microscopic):
    • Detection of  Acarapis woodi.
    • Detection of  Aethinia tumida.
    • Detection of  Ephestia sp.
    • Detection of Locustacarus bruchneri.
    • Detection of Mellitobia sp.
    • Detection of  Nosema sp. (N. bombi, N. ceranae y N.apis), presencia o ausencia y/o cuantificación relativa.
    • Detection of Tropilaelaps clareae.
    • Detection of Varroa sp.
    • Detection of Vitula edmandsii.


  • PRC:
    • Detection of Acarapis woodi.
    • Detection of Apicystis bombi.
    • Detection of Ascosphaera apis.
    • Detection of Crithidia bombi.
    • Detection of American Foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae).
    • Detection of European Foulbrood (Melissococcus pluton).
    • Detection of Nosema sp. (N. bombi, N. ceranae y N.apis).
    • DW virus detection.
    • ABP virus detection.
    • KB virus detection.
    • IAP virus detection.


  • Crops and germination:
    • Detection of aerobic mesophiles.
    • Mold and yeast detection.
    • Spore germination of Nosema sp. (feasibility test).


*If the analysis you need is not available, contact us.

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