Molecular identification of Species, Subspecies and varieties.

Current molecular techniques allow very precise authentication of the species, subspecies or variety to which a sample belongs.

We determine in each case the taxonomic group in which it is genetically classified by analyzing specific highly conserved regions of its DNA, by means of PCR and sequencing, and then compare them with our own or global databases such as the NCBI.


Varietal fraud service and protection of products with D.O.P.

Molecular biology tools also allow us to uncover certain food fraud that can affect both the consumer and the producer. By studying molecular markers such as SSR or SNPs, it is possible to identify protected varieties and avoid varietal fraud, which is still common in many crops. The study of geographical origin and possible adulterants is also essential for the protection of PDO products, ensuring product control and avoiding fraud.

At Iberogen we carry out analyses to confirm the quality of the product, ensuring a fair remuneration proportional to the qualities of the product, as well as its intellectual property rights. In this way, protection is guaranteed not only to producers but also to consumers through:

  • Variety authentication.
  • Detection of adulterants.
  • Study of the geographical origin.
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