DNA bird sexing, the most reliable technique.

Most breeders of psittacines such as lovebirds, yacos or nymphs and many of the finch keepers or breeders of canaries and even birds of prey such as falcons, goshawks, owls or barn owls have had to face the dilemma of classifying a chick as a male or female. But why? What is the cause of […]

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Análisis en Polinizadores y Colmenas | Veterinary

Bumblebees, the pollinators of the 21st century

The globalization of the trade of many animal species as food, of a domestic type, beneficial for pest control or pollination, facilitates the establishment of these in places outside their natural origin, in addition to the transmission of diseases between populations, both non-native and indigenous. These biological invasions contribute significantly to the alteration of ecosystem […]

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Detección de enfermedades | Veterinary

The importance of molecular techniques in the main diseases that affect our birds.

Chapter 1. Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) The use of molecular techniques for the diagnosis of the main diseases in birds allows the pathogenic agent to be detected quickly and efficiently. This detection becomes even more important in diseases caused by viruses, since, on certain occasions, the virus that causes the disease is difficult […]

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