DNA Bird Sexing

Genetic determination of gender in birds (molecular sexing) is the safest sex identification technique, it is based on the analysis of the animal’s DNA, reduces stress and does not imply risk to the life of the bird. It is the most advanced method and preferred by breeders of birds that do not present sexual dimorphism (no visible morphological differences between males and females).

  • We sex almost 1,200 species of birds (Neoaves, Anseriformes and Galliformes).
  • Check our list of species HERE.


At Iberogen we carry out molecular sexing analyzes on more than 1,000 different bird species, both hatchlings and adults, from feather, blood or eggshell samples. Our bird molecular sexing service is a highly specialized international service that meets high quality standards, obtaining 99.9% reliability in its results.

Standard service.
All the guarantee of our laboratory available to offer the best service. Results in 4-7 days.

Premium service.
A service that fully adapts to your needs at all times. Results in 48-72 hours.

Express service.
We have the ability to meet customer needs in the shortest possible time. Results in 24 hours.

Samples to be analyzed: blood sample, feather or eggshell.

Lucía Sanchís Navarro
Laboratory Technician & Head of Bird Genetics

In continuous search for new challenges and goals to consolidate my personal and professional growth that leads me to continue advancing through my perseverance, continuous learning, commitment and passion in all the projects in which I participate.

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