Iberogen’s veterinary area specializes in exotic animals, bird genetics being its flagship, where genetic sexing analyses, pathogen detection, CITES paternity and genetic improvement of racing pigeons stand out. Thanks to our high specialization, we offer a service of the highest quality adapted to the needs of our clients and in constant biotechnological evolution, carrying out custom-designed work for almost any species.

Another of the most important fields within our veterinary department is genetics applied to Pollinating Insects. Insects are a fundamental part of the future of the planet at an ecological and agri-food level. At Iberogen we have developed a complete catalog of disease detection designed to ensure the good health of natural and industrial bee and bumblebee hives.

The identification of species and subspecies has gained new relevance in the sale of exotic animals thanks to genetic analysis. The genetic verification we carry out at Iberogen uses the most avant-garde genetic resources to be able to taxonomically determine samples of diverse origin, giving extra value to both the buyer and the seller.

We provide a professional service focused on guaranteeing quality work for our national and international clients.


Innovative solutions in plant health and plant pathology, with a list of analyzes focused on the detection, identification and quantification of plant pathogens using PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR techniques.


Analysis and detection of Coronavirus in wastewater, surfaces, pets and other animals.


We offer scientific-technical advisory services in the field of applied genetics for research and development projects, participating in national and international projects.

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